Wait Till You Hear the Latest Bitcoin Movie Plot

Tuesday 23 February 2021, 9:08 AM AEST - 1 week ago

"Decrypted is an outrageous and provocative dark comedy," according to the movie's creators.

The U.S. government has discovered the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. They label him as a terrorist, they capture him, and they ask him to help them control bitcoin. Nakamoto refuses. So hes water-boarded until he relents, but unbeknownst to the government, Satoshi is playing his own long con… and is he even the real Satoshi Nakamoto?

Such is the premise of Decrypted, a British dark comedy that just finished production. It sounds like a conventional thriller until you learn that Satoshi is a gay masochist who gets off on the torture, his girlfriend is trans, and they argue with who writer Mick Sands describes as a raging racist, as Sands admits that Im definitely being provocative.

With the possible exception of documentaries, films about blockchain have been, at best, mixed. No one seems to be clamoring for the return of Kurt Russell in Crypto 2. (Crypto 2: Factor Authentication). But one is bound to succeed at some point, right? Cryptos raw material is gold. Theres plenty of money. And theres a built-in audience. Maybe Decrypted will be the breakout? (At the time of publication, press screeners were unavailable.)

Then theres the larger industry question. For years, many have looked to blockchain technology as a way to revolutionize the film industry, just as they have looked for blockchain to revolutionize every industry, from porn to the Catholic Church. Decrypted producer Phil Harris says this is now actually starting to happen, which can help disrupt the outdated, bloated and often dishonest status quo.

I spoke with writer Mick Sands and producer Harris to learn more about the torture of Satoshi Nakamoto, what its like to fundraise in crypto, and how exactly blockchain could revolutionize the film industry.

Note: Mick Sands was refreshingly – almost charmingly – indifferent to sharing massive spoilers of the movies plot, including what appear to be its biggest twists. S ...

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