Updates on Kleiman vs Wright, Next Hearing August 26

David Kleiman Versus Craig Wright on a sheet of paper

The court battle between Craig Wright and the estate of Dave Kleiman, represented by his brother Ira, is far from over. As per a source on Twitter actively following the court case, the case is leaning toward the Kleimans. Wright submitted a document of a chat between himself and Dave Kleiman that was done via Bitmessage; this was proved by the company as being backdated, August 17, 2019.

Trajectory of the Case

Craig Wright has been adamant to prove that he indeed created Bitcoin, but the orbit of the case has been strongly out of his favor. After trying to persuade people he was the real owner by copyrighting the Bitcoin whitepaper, Wrights claim to being Satoshi through this mechanism was shot down by the U.S. Copyright Office.


A brief overview regarding what is happening now in the Kleiman v Wright case.

The latest court docs reveal more evidence to support the allegation that Craig Wright has forged documents produced under discovery. The amount of evidence presented so far is astonishing!

— SeekingSatoshi (@jimmy007forsure) August 17, 2019

Now, with the fake Bitmessage conversation, it seems that the case is moving further out of Wrights grasp. Wrights defense to this is a weak claim that a hacker infiltrated his account and altered his data – and this isnt the first time he is using this very argument.

The hacker would have no incentive to do this, and it seems like an incredibly obscure claim to make in a legitimate court case. To paraphrase Peter McCormack, who is taking Wright head-on in a Libel suit, Wright sure does get hacked a lot for someone who claims to be an expert in cybersecurity.

It is amazing how many times an expert in security, cryptography and anonymity has been hacked.

— Peter McCormack (@PeterMcCormack) August 17, 2019

Conclusions Drawn so Far

Ira Kleiman has no idea what his brother was owed, hence the need to arbitrate this in a court of law. Craig Wright and his overlord, Calvin Ayre, still seem incredibly confident that all of these detours are actually in Wrights favor.

The source on Twitter opines that this case may be heading towards a perjury angle. If Kleiman is unable to prove anything, the next best thing for him would be to reach a settlement offer with Wright by pressuring him in court for his continued use of forged documents.

The judge, Magistrate Reinhart, is very much aware of what exactly is happening. It was earlier revealed that he threatened to arrest Wright for contempt after he threw a paper across the courtroom ...

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