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Cryptocurrency has become the new and more preferred tool for investing and has taken the world by storm. Given its decentralized nature, security and transparency its acceptability has grown in leaps and bounds all across the globe. Another reason for its phenomenal rise is its liquidity, most times it retains its value or can be considerably increased. It is available on short term notice and can be easily converted to cash. These benefits are all dependent on the expertise of the trader until the introduction of trading software or applications.

Trading software are intelligent robots automated to aid the users to carry out trading related activities such as market analysis, opening and closing of trade. These tools have made it relatively easier for novices to engage in not just trading but also make a profit as these robots are designed to scout the market structure before any transaction. However, this in itself isnt enough as there are still more technicalities to the trading business and this is where Trusted Brokerz comes in.

What is Trusted Brokerz?

Trusted Brokerz is an online resource platform that provides its users with more than just a trading software but is also dedicated to giving its traders useful and precise information needed on forex, CFDs and cryptocurrencies. This platform is a unique guide that offers useful insights for brokers to use and can be trusted, as well as trading software which is aimed at developing its members to becoming the very best traders.

Trusted Brokerz also informs its members of the advantages of a particular broker over the other. It offers expert reviews on different brokers, helping its members make the most informed decisions. Its brokers include Europe FX, Golden Markets, Algo Signals, IT Radar and 24Option.

How it Works

This platform has been specifically designed to help novices become better traders as well as experts by offering them top-notch information that can help them make better trading decisions. When you apply, it offers you a range of activities either to get reviews on decisions such as the broker to use, review of their site as well as helping you to get started with your preferred choice.

To create an account is free, all that is required is your first and last name, email address, password and location. Once this is set up, you can then proceed to make payment. A huge advantage that Trusted Brokerz has over other trading software is that it offers you a range of options to choose from. It also helps your decision by ranking the software every month.

Demo Trading:

The various brokers offer a demo trading interface which enables users to simulate the live trading. This helps you get acquainted with the process without being nervous and helps you better understand the process.

Trading Process:

These trading software enable you to set your regulations based on your risk level, for those who prefer minimal risk can adequately set an embargo or a benchmark for their trading. The trading software requires you pay a minimum of $250 to commence your trading. This price is uniform across all software offered by the platform.


Range of Options:

This platform allows you to make a choice from at least five different software seeing that h ...

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