Top Farmer Sends $1.4m Worth of YFI to Binance

Tuesday 27 October 2020, 10:04 AM AEST - 1 month ago (YFI) has been one of the hardest-hit crypto-assets over the past few weeks and months. From its all-time high of $44,000, the coin has declined to $14,000 as of this articles writing. The coin remains one of the leading DeFi assets, touting a market capitalization of just under $500 million.

Some fear the asset could decline even further after an early adopter of the protocol sent a large sum of YFI to exchanges. It is unclear what this individual will do with these funds, though some assume they will be sold for stablecoins or another cryptocurrency like Ethereum or Bitcoin. Farmer Sends Large Sum to Exchanges

As noted by crypto analyst Hsaka, a pseudonymous individual that farmed the most YFI just sent 100 coins, worth around $1,400,000, from their wallets to Binance.

Some think this unnamed individual may proceed to dump YFI on the market, causing the asset to slide further than it already has.

Of note, this isnt the first time this individual has done so: another address connected to the main address systematically collected, then sent hundreds of YFI over the past two to three months to Binance.

From the largest $YFI farmer 👀

Psyops or dump in prod?

— Hsaka (@HsakaTrades) October 26, 2020

Coins can also be sent to exchanges for other purposes, though. For one, if contracted by an exchange, a user with a large sum of a single coin can make a market, enabling users of the exchange to trade in and out of the asset with minimal slippage.

Technicals Getting Back on Track

Despite the potential for a YFI drop as a result of the 100 coin sell-off, the altcoins technicals are getting back on track. One crypto-asset analyst shared the chart below, showing that the native

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