Sunday Digest: Bitcoin Price, Altcoin Markets and CSW

Monday 23 December 2019, 6:15 AM AEST - 8 months ago

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Bitcoin Price: And… Relax

Well, it seems like this week weve snatched a minor victory from the jaws of a big defeat, as far as bitcoin price is concerned.

Initially, Monday seemed to be following the same sideways with a slow trickle pattern of last week, until a sudden drop took us back down below $7k. Research suggested that this was likely due to another dump of coins from the PlusToken scammers.

After a brief pause, BTC price continued to plummet, crashing through $6.6k, before it found some support. Some analysts were predicting further negative price action to come, with a potential bottom at around $5,500.

In the search for some optimistic news, we found that the usually-overlooked Bitcoin Energy Value Oscillator with flashing bullish. Not that Bakkt was feeling the pinch, as it continued to post all-time highs in open interest.

Before bearish sentiment got comfortable though, Wednesday saw a massive 14% pump. BTC price briefly topped out at $7450 before a minor pullback to $7.2k where it stabilized.

Bitcoin has traded sideways at this level since then, so barring any eleventh-hour swings, we should end the week a respectable $100 or so higher than we started it.

Ether And Other Altcoins Also Hit

Bitcoin wasnt the only cryptocurrency feeling the pain early in the week, as high-cap cryptos such as Ether, Litecoin and EOS all took a bashing down to 10-month lows.

In Ethers case it could be rela ...

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