RippleNet Adds 13 New Customers to Reach 200 Customer Milestone

Ripple, the fintech giant behind the digital asset XRP and provider of enterprise blockchain solutions for payments has announced the addition of 13 new financial institutions to the companys payment network, RippleNet.

The global payment network has now reached the milestone of servicing over 200 customers (financial institutions), which are from over 40 countries across 6 continents.

The 13 companies which were just recently added include:

  • Euro Exim Bank — A service dealing with global trade finance instruments, such as Instant Letters of Credit, Corporate Bank Accounts, Letters of Credit, Stand-By Letters of Credit, International Wire Transfers, Bank Guarantees, Pre-paid Master Cards, and Trade Credit Lines.
  • SendFriend — An online service that specializes in sending money from the US to the Philippines.
  • JNFX — A London-based FOREX services firm.
  • Financial Transaction Control Systems — A Stockholm-based company that builds financial infrastructure to change the way value moves.
  • Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait — A retail and commercial bank located in Kuwait City.
  • Transpaygo — A remittance service that gives SMEs the power to make payments within one business day.
  • Bahrain Financing Company — A money transfer and currency exchange services company.
  • ConnectPay — A Lithuania-based provider of financial services for rapidly-growing, online-focused businesses, which have been long under-served by mainstream banks.
  • GMT Money — An Australian money transfer services company specializing in payments from Australia to India.
  • WorldCom Finance — A customer-oriented company specializing in developing Internet platforms for instant money transfer and immediate bank deposits worldwide.
  • Olympia Trust Company — A trust company that also provides foreign currency exchange services.
  • Pontual — A Californian company that calls itself the #1 payment processor to Brazil.
  • Banco Rendimento — A Brazilian bank.

5 New Companies Using Ripples xRapid Payments System

Out of these 13 newly added companies, JNFX, SendFriend, Transpaygo, FTCS, and Euro Exim Bank will use Ripples xRapid blockchain payments system to facilitate payments on behalf of their customers.

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