Raoul Pal: Bitcoin Will Reach $1 Million in a Few Years

Saturday 17 October 2020, 7:23 AM AEST - 6 days ago

Goldman Sachs hasnt always been kind to bitcoin, but according to a former Goldman Sachs hedge fund manager – Raoul Pal – the price of bitcoin is likely to skyrocket relatively soon, and he predicts a $1 million price for bitcoin in about five years.

Raoul Pal – Bitcoin Will Explode in Five Years

At first glance, most analysts are probably hoping this isnt a joke, and that Pal can be taken seriously. After all, its not like this is the first million-dollar prediction thats headed bitcoins way. Remember John McAfee? He spent years claiming that the price of bitcoin would reach $1 million in the year 2020.

Not only did this not happen, but bitcoin has been hit with more volatility this year than arguably any other point in time, with the price falling down into the high $3,000 range in late March before striking its current $11,300 price.

In addition, it may be a little hard for people to trust Pals words considering he comes from Goldman Sachs, a company that has been notoriously sneaky when it comes to bitcoin. Not too long ago, the company announced it would hold an online seminar discussing alternative assets. Some of these were to include gold and bitcoin.

Naturally, this excited many people, but when they logged onto the seminar, it became clear that the enterprise was no fan of BTC, and it spent the next hour or two talking about why BTC was a useless asset and why people should not be investing in it.

But Pals thoughts appear to be quite different. In a recent interview with Stansberry Research, he commented that bitcoin is likely to explode in the coming years given that many institutions are now piling tons of money into it, and he doesnt think this trend is going to stop anytime soon. He says:

Yeah, I think [$1 million is] about right. ...

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