President Trump Yet to Accept $4.6 Million Cryptocurrency Lunch Invitation

President Trump Yet to Accept $4.6 Million Cryptocurrency Lunch Invitation

Justin Sun has reinvited some friends from the cryptocurrency industry to join him at the rescheduled lunch with Warren Buffet. Apart from the crypto juggernauts that would be in attendance, the Tron CEO also invited U.S. President Donald Trump; although the South China Morning Post reports on September 10, 2019, that Trump is yet to reject or accept the invitation.

Two Nocoiners with One Lunch

Back in June 2019, BTCManager reported that Tron founder, Justin Sun, through a charity auction, won the opportunity to have lunch with Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and Oracle of Omaha.

According to Sun at the time, the lunch would provide the opportunity to change Buffetts negative views about bitcoin and cryptocurrency generally.

Part of the invitees to the charity lunch included United States President, Donald Trump. The invite came after the U.S. President stated categorically that he wasnt a fan of bitcoin and other virtual currencies, as they were not considered as money and were highly volatile. Trump added that the only recognized currency in the U.S. was the dollar.

Just like Warren Buffet, one of bitcoins greatest opponents, who at one time referred to the number one cryptocurrency as rat poison squared, Trump isnt a lover of bitcoin. According to the U.S. President, the highly unregulated crypto industry serves as the perfect tool for bad actors to carry out illicit activities.

Following a postponement of the lunch by Sun, who stated he was diagnosed with kidney stones, the Tron CEO rescheduled the meeting and has been trying to get everyone back together. The list of reinvited guests includes cryptocurrency heads from Ethereum, Binance, Huobi, Circle, eToro, and Litecoin and Donald Trump.

The U.S. President, however, is yet to respond to the invite. But if Uncle Sam eventually attends, there are hopes that the Tron CEO and other cryptocurrency giants in attendance would be able to convince Warren and Trump that bitcoin isnt as black as the media paints it.

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