Paritys Gavin Wood Says Ethereums Biggest Holder Became the Darth Vader

I believe in the harmony this community can create, Aya Miyaguchi (pictured embracing Gavin Wood), Executive Director at the Ethereum Foundation, said in a statement where she argued against any maximalist approach and where she said ethereum has more in common with polkadot (sort of an ethereum 2.0 copy clone) than differences.

This is in the context of a debate on whether there should be a clean split between ethereum and polkadot personnel where it concerns leadership positions, including to the level of a moderator.

Miyaguchi is somewhat new to ethereum leadership, joining after she left Kraken last year. As an aside, her leadership has been non-existent as far as the public can see.

Her communication skills are shown very well by the fact she choose to make a statement by attaching an image to a tweet, so we cant even copy paste a paragraph to quote.

It is that lack of communication which has been a concern and remains a concern. Many eth investors have had their confidence shaken at times solely because of abysmal communication which, as the executive director, is where responsibility lays.

Moreover, when more transparency was asked, Miyaguchis response was to offer less. Here, well let Vitalik Buterin, Chief Scientist at the Ethereum Foundation and eths inventor, do the talking:

Theres definitely, in all blockchains and cryptocurrencies, some notion of what I call the high priest.

A high priest is basically someone who has high status inside a cryptocurrency community for whatever reason, and sometimes high priests say things. I dont know if you want to mix religious metaphors, but they can issue fatwas.

As Miyaguchi is new, and as criticism of certain devs for certain statements has so skillfully been turned into a whip over any comment regarding this polkadot matter, it is perhaps time to figure out where we are by going back to where we came from.

The Historic Meeting That Still Reverberates

Well quote at some length the reporting of journalists who have been afforded far more time than us to inform the public of an early split among the so called founders of ethereum. First, Nick Paumgarten of the New Yorker writing this October 2018 says:

Lubin positioned himself as the grownup in the room, the worldly chaperon. Wood, with whom he eventually clashed, said, He wanted to be the mentor, the Obi-Wan Kenobi, but unfortunately he became the Darth Vader…

Different groups among the eight founders staked out different positions, with some favoring for-profit, others not-for-profit. Things started souring pretty quickly, Hoskinson recalls. Wood told me, There was this sense, which I found distasteful, that Vitalik was the goose that laid the golden egg, and he was treated in that objectivizing form by everyone else, like he was some alien from Mars sent to help us all.

There was a lot of drama, Lubin said. It got really complicated. Broadly speaking, the developers, among them Wood, were wary of the motives and methods of the business guys, who in turn felt that the developers lacked practical sense and an appreciation for the allure ...

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