New Era of DeFi: xSigma

Tuesday 01 December 2020, 2:18 AM AEST - 1 month ago

The soon-to-be-launched xSigma DEX will be a game-changer for the nascent defi industry as it seeks to resolve the underlying problems of non-custodial trading.

Decentralized finance (defi) burst onto the scene in 2020, as investors rallied behind the enormous potential of peer-to-peer financial services. However, these investors quickly realized that defi protocols are fraught with issues ranging from a faulty user experience to impermanent loss. Market volatility, pricing error and downright scams also made it difficult to navigate this burgeoning ecosystem.

Following more than two years of intensive research and development, xSigma has arrived just in time to fix the myriad of issues holding back the defi movement. As the first defi project to be backed by a Nasdaq-listed company ZK International Group Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: ZKIN), xSigma is a DEX that has been designed to capture the true value of decentralized finance. The project is working towards creating a user-friendly decentralized exchange for stablecoin swapping that integrates a simple system for farming, governance and account management.

xSigma Advantage

Amid all the defi players currently in existence, xSigma is the only blockchain project that is funded and supported by a publicly-traded company.

ZK International, the company behind xSigma, has staffed the blockchain startup with world-class engineers and developers formerly of Google, Facebook, Ripple Labs, Inch and others. Together, they are building an entire ecosystem of financial tools and products for the next generation of decentralized finance, beginning with the launch of a stablecoin DEX designed to solve the biggest challenges of automated market makers.

As a Nasdaq-listed company, ZK International has the opportunity to onboard millions of traditional investors with no exposure to crypto. That makes xSigma truly unique from the perspective of mass adoption and, potentially, institutional investing.

World-Class Team

In order to assess the merits of any blockchain project, let alone one that is seeking to di ...

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