MARKETS DAILY: Central Bank Digital Currencies and US Dollar Dominance in 2020

Friday 03 January 2020, 3:45 AM AEST - 8 months ago

With 2019 vanishing in the rear view mirror, Markets Daily is back for an insightful look into Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and the US Dollar's ongoing reserve status.

Tune in as CoinDesk podcasts editor Adam B. Levine and senior markets reporter Brad Keoun run down recent action, track interesting longer-term trends, and highlight the best "thinking with tokens" and some of the most important crypto industry developments of the day.

Adam B. Levine: On Todays episode, bitcoin in the new year, Bahamanian Blockchain Bucks and a look at US Dollar reserve status.

Adam: Its January 2, 2020, and youre listening to Markets Daily, Im Adam B. Levine, editor of Podcasts here At Coindesk, along with our senior markets reporter, Brad Keoun, to give you a concise daily briefing on crypto markets and some of the most important news developments in the sector over the past 24 hours.

Brad: Bitcoin currently around $7100, essentially in the range where it traded through most of the holidays in what was a very calm and quiet end to the year for the largest cryptocurrency, after some pretty wild market swings over the course of the past 12 months

And just to close the books on 2019, bitcoin prices rose $3,475 on the year, recovering roughly a third of the $10,186 decline we saw during 2018, which was so brutal on the entire crypto industry that its often referred to as Crypto Winter

Bitcoins full-year price rise works out to a 94 percent gain on the year, or almost double, in its best year since 2017, when the cryptocurrencys price famously jumped 13-fold to its all-time-high around $20,000

Its important to note that as Wall Street celebrated its best full-year performance for stock investors in six years, with the S&P 500 posting a 29% price gain, bitcoins performance was roughly triple in size

Adam: Looking out to 2020, its going to be a landmark year for crypto development along with a lot of other major world events such as the U.S. presidential election and the quadrennial summer olympics in Tokyo

Perhaps the most high-profile event in the crypto space is bitcoins so-called halving, expected in May, when the supply of new units of the cryptocurrency will be cut in half

Some analysts have predicted that the reduction in bitcoin supply, at a time when investor demand for cryptocurrency is ...

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