Live Planet Chases 5G, Appoints 20th Century Fox Exec Hanno Basse


Live Planet and Halsey Minor made waves today with its announcement that it has appointed 20th Century Fox Film Corporation CTO Hanno Basse to join its team as President of Decentralized Media Solutions. Live Planets existing solutions include an end-to-end virtual reality (VR) video streaming and publishing solution, and a full stereoscopic VR Camera and Cloud capable of live streaming 4K video to millions of devices.

Halsey Minor is a storied entrepreneur who earned his stripes in the early Internet days, with accomplishments that include: founding CNET in 1994, one of the first media sites to publish technology and consumer electronics reviews, news, articles, podcasts, videos, and blogs in 1994 (acquired by CBS for $1.8B in 2008), co-founding (investing $19.5 in 1999 and had a 10% stake at the time of the 2004 IPO), seed-funding Rhapsody in 1998, selling Grand Central Communications to Google in 2007.

Minor also established himself as a player in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, founding Uphold, a digital money exchange service and early Coinbase competitor in 2014, founding LivePlanet, an end-to-end capture, distribution, and monetization system for immersive video, and in November 2017, Minor launching VideoCoin, a distributed computing project that aims at storing, encoding, and streaming video at affordable rates.

We first got the chance to interview Halsey Minor in April 2018, when VideoCoin had just recently finished a successful pre-ICO fundraising round, beating their goal of $35,000,000. One long crypto winter later, we re-connected with Minor in regards to Live Planets progress thus far and where it has set its sights on for the future.

Live Planet

Today, VideoCoin announced its appointment of the former CTO of 20th Century Fox Film Corporation Hanno Basse. Basse has established his favorable reputation on his extensive expertise in utilizing emerging technologies to create new media experiences and services. VideoCoins recruitment of Basse aims to expand its global footprint and catalyze its innovations in immersive and linear video production, distribution, and monetization.

Hanno BasseHanno Basse

The media processing and distribution technologies Halsey and his team have built are among the most groundbreaking Ive seen. They provide the basis for a new generation of solutions that media, telco, and corporations will eagerly embrace as our world moves toward increased decentralization, higher-speed communication, and edge-based compute, said Basse. I cannot wait to show the world what we will deliver next.

At 20th Century Fox, Basses responsibilities included technology strategy for the companys film studio, production and post-production, theatrical distribution, and home entertainment. While there, Basse formed partnerships with Samsun, Ericcson, and Barco, helping found the Fox Innovation Lab. He also served as the first chairman of the UHD Allia ...

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