Grow Your Business with Right Blockchain Marketing Approach

Thursday 08 April 2021, 9:57 PM AEST - 2 weeks ago

Blockchain technology has been getting a lot of attention lately.

The underlying technology of Bitcoin has the capability to disrupt a variety of industries and has been successful in doing so by far.

The growing popularity of technology has given birth to numerous businesses.

Thanks to blockchain, we now have a whole set of blockchain-related services being offered as solutions to the worlds financial problems.

Today, we can see the competition rising out of nowhere, and you need to stand out.

Well, if this sounds familiar to you, then its high time to make a solid blockchain marketing plan for your business.

Yes, you read that term right!

A lot of people dont really pay much attention to blockchain marketing, comparing it with traditional digital marketing.

Since blockchain has been able to make its way to nearly all the industries, how could marketing be left untouched?

Yes, with the emergence of blockchain, marketing methods (especially for blockchain-based firms) too have taken a whole new transformation.

The methodology needed to run a fruitful blockchain marketing campaign and a traditional digital marketing campaign is completely different.

And the main reason seems to be that blockchain companies face significantly different challenges for marketing their products and services as compared to more traditional businesses.

For instance,

Since theres been quite a number of investors being scammed by blockchain companies, investors are so worried about whether or not the business is a scam.

Blockchain companies have a different definition of success.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing strategies usually come with a variety of goals.

The goals for companies, in this type of marketing, incorporate numerous objectives –

  • Making a sale
  • Generating leads
  • Earning an email address
  • Creating brand awareness, etc.

However, its not the case with Blockchain Marketing.

Blockchain Marketing

Blockchain-based companies dont generally come with the same luxury.

The one-size-fits-all formula doesnt really apply here.

Suppose your blockchain firm is preparing for a ...

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