Get the Most Out of Your Bitcoin As Market Corrections Loom

Saturday 09 January 2021, 3:40 PM AEST - 2 weeks ago

Getting the most out of your Bitcoin as market corrections loom

After a year of strong gains in the BTC market investors, in many cases, may be left wondering what to do with those hard earned gains at the end of 2020. There are the conventional ways of doing things such as reinvesting your gains or simply HODLing that BTC for the next market bull run that will inevitably happen some time in the medium term. This article however is not about that, this article is about using your BTC in non conventional ways. After all, BTC enthusiasts are non conventional at the best of times.

Start Using It In Everyday Life

The world is changing so maybe you should consider how you bank also. As crypto becomes more and more popular there are a wide variety of different digital banking solutions out there that allow you to do all your banking online. Some of these digital banks are based on crypto as a base currency as opposed to others who still insist on you having a fiat currency as your base.

One of the best digital banking solutions with a crypto base is CoinZoom. CoinZoom is an exchange that offers everything from Visa bank cards that are linked to your crypto holdings to a service that allows you to transfer both fiat and crypto balances peer to peer, you could call it the Venmo for crypto!

CoinZoom is essentially the digital banking alternative for crypto users. Anyone who is anyone in crypto always says that you should be out there spending your crypto balances because the whole point is to start using it as a digital currency. Having a digital bank with your base currencies in crypto allows you to lead the charge in having the world transition over to crypto as the main way to pay.

Gamble Your Gains For More Gains

If you are more of the selfish type you may want to try to turn those gains into more gains. Why not be greedy, after all they are your gains so you should be able to do whatever you like with them. In some cases you can even implement betting systems that mean youre winning money 3 times a second for the rest of your life.

One place you can do this is on the dice game at casinos like For ...

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