First green day of the week

Saturday 04 January 2020, 12:45 AM AEST - 8 months ago

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Winning isn't getting ahead of others. It's getting ahead of yourself.

- Roger Staubach

In today's newsletter, we will be covering:

  • a developer donating 10,000 MKR ($4.3 million) to Carnegie Mellon University

  • Guangdong blockchain financing platform aiming to help small businesses

  • Andreessen Horowitz saying that Bitcoin will usher in "Influencer Coins" by 2030

Total Market Cap: ~$194.5 billion (~2.0%) BTC Price: ~$7,340 (~2.4%)

24-Hour Volume: ~$82.3 billion (~34.5%) BTC Dominance: ~68.4% (~0.3%)

Notable movers: -

BTC broke its slow trickle downward trend of the week as we head into the weekend, and is currently trading at ~$7,340, up ~2.4% over the past 24 hours. On the daily chart, BTC continues to be trading below its 100-day EMA line, and RSI currently stands at ~44 (it has been in this region for the past 2 weeks). On the weekly chart, BTC is testing its 100-EMA line, a level it has been trading above of since early April 2019.

BTC is still trading within its lower highs and lower lows trading pattern/ channel/ zone it has been trading within since late June this year. It is currently testing the lower bound.

Total Market Capitalizations

How much do you agree with this statement: "DeFi will be the cause of the next bull run"

A former MakerDAO contributor and Carnegie Mellon alumnus has committed 10,000 MKR ($4.3 million) to his alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University to develop a r ...

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