Every Fourth Australian Willing to Be Paid in Bitcoin, Poll Finds

Saturday 29 May 2021, 6:06 PM AEST - 2 weeks ago

Every Fourth Australian Willing to Be Paid in Bitcoin, Poll Finds

A new survey has established that one in four Australians would like to receive at least part of their salary in cryptocurrency. While the motives vary between the members of this diverse group, the results indicate that the Australian nations overall interest in decentralized digital money remains strong.

4.7 Million Australians Would Accept Bitcoin Remuneration

The poll has been conducted among 1,000 Australian residents by the comparison website Finder. The company is actually among the first in the country to offer employees the option to take a portion of their remuneration in cryptocurrency. The platform has now found that 24% of Australians, or around 4.7 million, are ready to accept bitcoin (BTC) as part of their salaries.

Every Fourth Australian Willing to Be Paid in Bitcoin, Poll Finds

Of those who would be willing to be paid in BTC, Finder pointed out, 14% have said so because they are convinced it is going up in value, while another 10% admitted a bitcoin payment would help them to invest in digital currency before tax.

Taylor Blackburn, personal finance specialist at Finder, notes that the cryptocurrency has seen impressive growth in the past year, despite its recent drop and sometimes volatile nature. Commenting on the outcome of the study, Blackburn further emphasized:

With more Australians looking for inflation hedges, yield-bearing assets and alternative investment opportunities, its not surprising that this many people are willing to be paid part of their salary in Bitcoin.

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