Ethereum long-term Price Analysis: 26 October

Tuesday 27 October 2020, 6:01 AM AEST - 1 month ago

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Ethereum has been the most-relied upon smart contracts platform since smart contracts became a thing. Despite ICOs raising billions and many projects promising the world, none of them have come close to competing with it.

Recently, however, the current platform, notwithstanding its popularity, has been facing issues due to its success. The platform will not be able to handle loads without higher fees, and hence, this would prevent retail from accessing it. The shift to ETH 2.0 has been promised for a while now, but it hasnt arrived yet.

Perhaps, by the next bull run, if ETH 2.0 is up and running, Ethereums prospects might be given a boost of an extraordinary degree. However, at the time of writing, Ethereum exhibited weakness in its price. The following article will outline the said weakness and ETHs potential targets.

Ethereum 1-day chart download-1-13.pngSource: ETHUSD on TradingView

The attached chart has three parts to it – The patterns, the fib levels, and the indicators. The patterns include a large rising wedge [bearish] and a much smaller ascending channel [bearish].

While the price was almost at the end of its span, at the time of writing, a breakout was anticipated. And, at the said point, an ascending channel was forming, a formation that might trigger the bigger breakout. The ascending channel is more of a continuation pattern aka the bear flag. This showed that the initial target of the breakout will push ETH down to $330 [red arrow], and the target for subsequent breakouts will need Fibonacci levels.

The Fibonacci tool showed that 0.382 [$337], 0.5 [$289] and the golden pocket ranging from $242 to $229 were potential targets.


This section addresses mainly the indicators. At the time of writing, the RSI was retracing from the overbought zone, highlighting the exhaustion of the markets buyers. Further ...

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