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ENaWyvDUYAAGZRg (2)The Australian crypto community has rallied around to raise money for bushfire relief – with an eye opening reward available.

Two of Australias leading crypto influencers have set up wallet addresses to enable the community to donate crypto directly to bushfire relief efforts without fees.

Unless youve been living under a rock, youll know that Australias been hit by one of the worst bushfire seasons ever, with 200 fires burning across the country.

To give you some idea of the scale, at least a third of all forests in the most populated state New South Wales are on fire (though the fires are nation wide) and an estimated half a billion animals have perished.

With 15 million acres burned, the first are at least seven times larger than the deadliest and most destructive wildfire season on record in California last year.

The fires are also larger than the massive wildfires that caused such alarm in the Amazon last year.

Alex Saunders calls on crypto leaders to donate Alex Saunders

Over the weekend Tasmanian based crypto educator Alex Saunders from Nuggets News set up five cryptocurrency addresses to allow the community to donate Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin

Cash, Litecoin and Binance Coin to help the New South Wales Rural Fire Service battle the blazes.

Lets show the world the power of #bitcoin. All donations are going to the Rural Fire Service, he tweeted.

He added: The donations will go to wherever they feel its needed the most. They are on the frontlines so they should know best.

Saunders called on Ethereums Vitalike Buterin, Bitcoin Cashs Roger Ver, Litecoins Charlie Lee and CZ from Binance to get on board.

As yet hes had no response from those project leaders, but trader The Wolf of All Streets Scott Melker, YouTuber The Crypto Lark and market analyst Mati Greenspan all got on board to help spread the message.

A huge thank you to @AinslieWealth who have just pledged ton donate $5000

— Alex Saunders (@AlexSaundersAU) January 5, 2020

Its only been a couple of days, but the wallets have already received more than $10,500 in cryptocurrency deposits, with Australian crypto and bullion dealer Ainslie Bullion pledging another $5000 worth.

Direct deposits help avoid the issue of using payment intermediaries – last year BitPay blocked up to $100,000 in donations to the Amazon wildfire relief efforts due to restrictions on anonymous transfers.

If you want to donate send your cryptocurrency to the following addresses:

BTC: 38gi89vKr7VPCcwdoY2coTha86rfDHeyAR
ETH: 0x2cc057d7e6a9c1e56397c147405142066e2b0d02
BCH: 1MhhFwyQmNfynWxfD9qnXGqRhFvzhc6Qjo
LTC: MA1tScyPucdR8qt8MNdUPCgNthyPwYencb
BNB: bnb165r4pxe862hetuz2l3wt4yx43uhh4ph9u0ptz6 MEMO: 682855254

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