DeepToken Exchange Breaks the Mold with New Operation Model

In the popular Chinese game Go, at the end of the game players retroactively review their moves, examining mistakes and determining correct plays in order to increase their skills for the next game.

Competition amongst blockchain projects is currently as fierce as it gets. Fluctuating cryptocurrency prices have effectively disallowed speculative investing. Looking forward, everyone would do well to examine their past moves.

Statistics indicate that there are currently in excess of one thousand digital asset exchanges in the world, and the competition for this space is as chaotic as it gets. Naturally, the business model of these exchanges has also seen a number of different iterations.

Looking to capitalize on the crypto-mania, exchanges charge transaction and withdrawal fees to both buyers and sellers, on top of exorbitant listing fees for projects looking to expand their market and reach. Certain exchanges utilize a trading as mining model in an attempt to increase user volume. With such models failing to effectuate real improvement, many are left wondering: whats next?

DeepToken Exchange to Implement a Breakthrough in Crypto Exchange Operation

DeepToken Exchanges esteemed founding team has extensively reviewed and analyzed the cryptocurrency exchange market in order to identify areas in dire need of optimization and innovation. Rather than a shotgun spread approach to listing and service in use by existing exchanges, wherein any and all projects are given the green light provided they pay the excessive fees, DeepToken Exchange tailors its range of services to the specificities of AI projects exclusively, focusing on those that fit the parameters of real promise and potential.

The unspoken rule in the exchange space has become to charge projects huge listing fees. In particular, for those exchanges with the highest trading volume and user traffic, the skys the limit for how much they can charge projects looking for listing; ranging anywhere from a few million to tens of millions.

These price ceilings put serious limitations on the ability for startup blockchain projects to secure the requisite funding for development. They are trapped in a paradox of requiring listing for funding, but being unable to pay the fees required in order to achieve said funding.

DeepToken Exchange looks to break the cycle with its innovative new exchange, operating on principles of openness, fairness, transparency and permanently no listing fees. DeepToken Exchanges operating model is focused exchange + no listing fees ever, standing apart from the crowd of the existing market.

Expert Voting On Quality AI Projects

DeepToken Exchange implements an innovative new voting as mining business model, the crux of this model being to locate quality digital assets within the AI industry.

The number of tradable cryptocurrencies in the world exceeds 3,000, with huge variations in the quality of projects. DeepToken Exchanges new method circumvents Greshams law (bad money drives out good), selecting only the most promising AI projects with real-world applicat ...

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