Dave Collum's 2019 Year In Review: "I Fought The Fed, And The Fed Won"

Authored by David B. Collum, Betty R. Miller Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology - Cornell University (Email: [email protected], Twitter: @DavidBCollum),

I hope David comes to his senses.

~ Nassim Taleb (@nntaleb), best-selling author and Professor at NYU

Every year, David Collum writes a detailed Year in Review synopsis full of keen perspective and plenty of wit. This years is no exception.


  • Introduction

  • About the Author–A Brief Autobiography

  • Contents

  • Sources

  • Creation of the Year in Review

  • My Personal Year

  • Investing

  • Almond-Eyed Aliens and Other Conspiracy Theories

  • Gold

  • Bitcoin

  • Modern Monetary Theory

  • The Fed and Repo-Madness

  • Share Buybacks

  • Climate Change

  • The Jeffrey Epstein Affair

  • Thoughts on College

  • Political Correctness–Collegiate Division

  • Political Correctness–Adult Division

  • Political Correctness–Youth Division

  • Political Correctness–Corporate Division

  • Civil Liberties

  • Conclusion

  • Acknowledgments

  • Books

The whole beast can be downloaded as a single PDF here, for those who prefer to do their power-reading offline.

If it happened this year & mattered, it's covered in here...


It is that time of year again when I sit down and, in a frenzied stream of subconsciousness, bang out my view of the world. Its my 11th chronicling of human folly and anthropogenic global idiocy (AGI).1 Its like when Forest Gump jogs: I start writing, go on too long, and then just stop. Forty years of writing about organic chemistry has taught me that you do not understand something till you finish writing about it. Constrained by time—you cant write an annual synopsis in May—I have made sure to sacrifice quality not length.

Huge fan. Please continue to remain above the din.

~ Guy Adami (@GuyAdami), trader and commentator on CNBCs Fast Money

*I am the din, Guy.

Figure 1. An original by Candace E. Cornell (my wife) dedicated to Jeff Macke (my Bud and the Banksy of Wall Street).

There was a mad chemist named Dave
His Year In Review is the rave
With Epstein and Powell
And repos most foul
His comments are sure to be grave.


The writeup is a little different this ...

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