Daily Crypto Roundup 11/7/2018


Details of Blockstream support for Liquid network, crypto trading difficulties, unique Coinbase employee benefits, Bitcoin Cash hard fork exchange support, and more regulatory talks. Catch up on today in crypto.

Blockstream.info Is The New Star Of BTC Block Explorers

Blockstream has launched an updated Bitcoin block explorer to accommodate new aspects, including Bitcoin Liquid transactions.

Bitcoins Liquid Network is a solution from Blockstream, helping Bitcoin achieve more scalability. In short, a separate highway with significant room for many cars, traveling at low cost.

Blockstream.info becomes the first BTC block explorer to also include Liquid network operations, explained Crypto Insider.

Crypto Trading: Notes From The Trenches Of 2018

2018, for the most part, has been a tough year. Today saw Crypto Insider discussing frustrations from this year.

Many problems have arisen from crypto exchange difficulties. Whether its hacks, exit scams, or banning of U.S. customers, exchanges have had their struggles.

Taxes are also an issue in the crypto space, as seen in the recent article by Crypto Insider, looking at the student who owed enormous taxes from crypto trading.

Additionally, Crypto volatility has been lacking the past few weeks, making profits harder to come by.

Coinbase Offers $5k Egg-Freezing Benefit In Bid To Retain Talent

Coinbase has gotten creative in it employee incentive efforts. Starting this year back in March, Coinbase started giving employees the option to receive $5,000 yearly, paid toward procedures such as egg-freezing, which aids females in having kids when they are older.

Employees are seemingly appreciative, as one employee stated to CoinDesk, – Its definitely a luxury, which is why I feel fortunate that Coinbase and Carrot help make family planning more simple and affordable. Its frankly a relief not to have to worry about family planning on a day-to-day basis.

Coinbase offers these benefits through a business called Carrot.

Blockchain.com Lists Stellar (XLM) and Does $125 million Airdrop

Blockchain explorer and crypto wallet has announced the addition of Stellar (XLM) support. In order to celebrate this milestone and spread the adoption of the coin, they are doing the biggest airdrop, worth $125 million.

Anyone who signs up with their e-mail address and downloads the Blockchain wallet can get $25 worth of XLM. However, the ownership is no longer anonymous and some users have expressed privacy concerns.

However, ahead of an expected bull run, these coins can be a good way to make some gains.

Crypto Exchanges Line Up To Support Bitcoin Cashs Hard Fork

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork gets closer by the day. Six crypto exchanges have publicized their support for the November 15 fork.

There is some disagreement among the community on the fork however, with two potential outcomes. Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV teams are competing for the fork.

So upon fork date, ...

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