CyberVein: How does Bitcoin halving affect the platform?

Saturday 23 May 2020, 2:35 AM AEST - 7 months ago

CyberVein: How does Bitcoin halving affect the platform?

Bitcoins third halving was one of the much-discussed and most exciting crypto events in 2020; it took place on May 11, 2020. Even the worldwide lockdown could not stop the King coins halving event. Interestingly, Bitcoins recent halving has resulted in many other cryptocurrencies and tokens recording significant gains. For instance, CyberVeins CVT token, as seen in the below-attached chart, although saw a slight drop in price post May 12, has recovered and is trading at $0.035102[as of press time].

Source: CoinMarketCap

In fact, a lot of altcoins have surged following the big market crash in March. It can be noticed how CVT reached significant heights in April. Starting March 23, the coin rose up by 564.97% in a period of 16 days. This makes sense because if looked at it, many altcoins have surged before and after the BTC halving date. Be it ETH, LTC, XRP – all coins have seen significant gains.

Source: CVT/USD, TradingView

That said, CVT ranks at the 114th position on CoinMarketCap at the moment, and this massive price rise is indeed surprising. Thus by looking at how altcoins have surged post BTC halving and analyzing CVTs performance, the token might follow an uptrend in the near future.

Now, one thing to take note of here is that, for a coin to perform well, the design and the technology used also plays an important role and CyberVeins development team has designed its token in such a way that it addresses all the limitations that other tokens might be facing.

CyberVein uses DAG technology which can simplify the life of any business that operates with vast amounts of data. The platforms blockchain network does a fine job of handling the massive information. As a result of this growing technology, CyberVeins token has also gained a lot of traction lately.

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