Crypto Trading Woes: What They Are and How UpBots Solves Them

Friday 4 July 2020, 4:15 AM AEST - 1 month ago


Everyone who has ever tried their hand at cryptocurrency trading knows that the whole process is much more difficult than it appears at first glance. There is a certain learning curve, which varies on a case-by-case basis, but there are tools that can help you flatten it almost completely.

Many aspects of cryptocurrency trading give traders a headache, but they can usually be separated into two categories: trading mistakes (especially those committed by newbies), and cryptocurrency exchange problems. The upcoming all-in-one trading platform UpBots can help you solve these problems (or avoid them altogether) without taking your autonomy, and you will learn valuable lessons from which youll be able to take your trading experience with you wherever you go.

Exchange Problems You May Run Into

Cryptocurrency exchanges and other similar platforms have their own share of issues, and even the most experienced traders can find themselves at a loss there. Knowing what those issues are helps you avoid them completely by enabling you to create a selection process for the perfect platform that fits all your needs. While this list is far from exhaustive, it is worthwhile to take a look at some of them and be wary of their precautions.

  1. Lack of transparency. Unfortunately, many exchanges and other, supposedly reputable, institutions suffer from a lack of transparency which can lead to volume inflation, wash trading, manipulation, false promises, and even money laundering. UpBots, however, is regulated under Swiss laws and their head office is located in Zug, Switzerland. Thanks to that, theyre committed to full transparency.
  2. Lack of regulation. Closely related to transparency, regulation in the cryptocurrency space tends to be hard to come by. Thanks to UpBots Swiss law adherence, users can be rest assured knowing that those institutions have their backs.
  3. Fees. Exchanges tend to impose higher fees because thats the main part of their business model. This holds especially true for withdrawing fiat, as theyre looking to keep as much money on the exchange as possible to mitigate any liquidity issues. However, since UpBots is looking to integra ...

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