Crypto Trader Who Morphed Minuscule Bitcoin Portfolio Into $100,000 Says Hes Preparing for Altcoin Boom – Heres His Strategy

Friday 16 October 2020, 5:35 PM AEST - 1 week ago

A popular Bitcoin trader who turned about $2,000 in Bitcoin into $100,000 in just three weeks is now shifting part of his portfolio into altcoins in anticipation of a bull run.

The pseudonymous trader SalsaTekila says hes using October to gradually increase his altcoin portfolio and plans to have 15% of his BTC stash converted into alts by the months end.

No FOMO needed: smart bidding is the aim for now. I said it in 2019: couple months past halving I accumulate alts big, trigger in motion.

He also says he plans to make a cyclical investment in Dogecoin (DOGE), which was introduced as a joke cryptocurrency back in 2013. The trader shared a chart showing DOGE moving between 23 and 100 satoshis in value about five times since 2014.

My alts strategy is very simple:

1) Accumulate anything floored looking for 18+ months.

2) Buy DOGE 15-22 sats, sell at 100+ sats months later.

Memories from 2017: Majors and mid caps pump first, low caps after, shady scams from doubtful exchanges last.

Source: SalsaTekila/Twitter

Overall, the trader and analyst says hes positioning for the possibility of a huge bull run.

If we get a real crypto bull run, you dont need much to make much. Especially with alts bubbles: the compound effect of them going parabolic against Bitcoin which is also parabolic makes the returns insane. I dont know if we get one, cant. Im positioning for a possibility.

He says if Bitcoin hits $12,000 it opens the door for the $13,000 test, but if it retraces and loses the $10,500 area it will invalidate his bullish bias.

IMO $13,000 is the most important BTC macro level. 1) Rejected 2018, pulled back to 3k. 2) ...

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