Craig Wright Ditches Australia And Appears as a Citizen from Antigua & Barbuda

Wednesday 22 May 2019, 3:45 PM AEST - 2 years ago

Craig Wright seems to have raised BSV from the dead today. The Australian lawyer known for referring to himself as Satoshi Nakamoto filed an application with the United States Copyright Office claiming authorship of the Bitcoin Whitepaper.

Antigua & Barbuda. The new citizenship of Craig WrightAntigua & Barbuda

The news caused many to speculate about its legal implications, however, the truth is that BSV had an abnormal rise, exceeding 83% profit in the last 24 hours.

But besides the strange application, one detail is quite interesting. The Application shows that Craig Wright claims to be a citizen from Antigua and Barbuda and not from Australia.

This change seems to be recent because, in a previous attempt, Mr. Wright requested the copyrights of Bitcoin and the document states that he is an Australian citizen.

So far, the reasons behind this unusual decision are unknown. Craig Wright has been quite silent on social networks after he filed a series of lawsuits against those who questioned his claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto.

However, in one of his posts, Wright mentions how the legal system of the Caribbean states is more flexible than the Australian.

In 2011, I had around US$30 million in Caribbean bank accounts. They were all in structured trusts and companies. If I had brought the money back to Australia to use it as cash, I would have ended up paying tax directly.

Is Craig Wright Really Recognized as Satoshi Nakamoto?

No doubt, the news of Craig Wrights application generated a lot of controversy. On the one hand, in the BSV community, they say that with this request the U.S. government recognizes Craig Wright as the author ...

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