Cosmos [ATOM] Hits 15th Largest Spot Citing Binance Listing Confirmation

Cosmos (ATOM) Hits 15th Largest Spot Citing Binance Listing ConfirmationCosmos [ATOM] Hits 15th Largest Spot Citing Binance Listing Confirmation

The currency which was not familiar so far has ranked on the 15th largest spot on Coinmarketcap. Cosom (ATOM) sees enormous growth within a couple of hours after Binance confirmed that it has listed ATOM in its trading platform.

Cosmos (ATOM) was a name which rarely known by people at large – nevertheless, the coin can now be noticed on the 15th spot on the chart of coinmarketcap. At the moment, the coin is up with 6.64 percent and appearing with the average market cap $871,292,003. Presently, It is trading at the value $4.57 against USD which marks as the significant growth.

Cosmos-on-15thImage source – coinmarketcap

The upsurge in the value of ATOM comes after Binance exchange listing. However, in just overnight, the coin managed to spike more than 14 percent. Although it was already listed on other exchanges, Binances zero-fee listing feature quickly led it to grow higher.

Getting closer to the graph of coinmarketcap shows ATOM is the trading volume is higher at Bibox, Binance, Hotbit, Huobi Global, OKEx,, GDAC, Poloniex, and other exchanges. Moreover, the coin is majorly paired against USDT and BTC among the largest crypto exchanges where it is trading at a higher volume.

Cosmos-NetworkImage source – coinmarketcap

Nevertheless, the Crypto communitys excitement engrossed even more, when Binance CEO, CZ took to Twitter and speaks about Binances healthy relationship with the tech team of Cosmos. His tweet goes as follows;

CZ-BinanceSource: Twitter

Backed by ICO at initial, the Cosmos native token, ATOM was sold at 0.10 US Dollar. Uptrend after Binance listing is notable because the coin is now trading at over $4 against US Dollar.

In addition, the coins trading cap is quite closer to the controversial cryptocurrency Bitcoin SV which has stepped down from its 12th position to 14th. As such, BSV is standing with $954,849,709 whereas ATOM counts its trading volume $871,292,003 – it can fair to note that if ATOM continues to surge its daily trading, it can soon outperform BSV as the difference between these two coins trading cap is very low.

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