Converging Bitcoin Indicators See Price Stagnant at $8,000s Until Sept 2020

Monday 29 June 2020, 7:09 PM AEST - 6 months ago

  • Risks of Bitcoin price moving towards $8,2000 in the next quarter are growing, per two historically accurate technical indicators.
  • The benchmark cryptocurrency has been trending downwards in a Falling Wedge pattern since June 2020.
  • Meanwhile, it has painted a Death Cross that points to a further bearish correction in the market.

There is a strong likelihood of Bitcoin correcting lower towards $8,200 in Q3/2020. So hints a confluence of two technical indicators.

As of late, Bitcoin is trending inside a Falling Wedge, a pattern that develops as price trends downward while leaving a string of lower lows and lower highs behind. Meanwhile, the cryptocurrencys short-term moving averages have formed a Death Cross.

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On June 26, Bitcoins 50-day simple moving average crossed above its 20-day exponential moving average. Traders typically see the crossover as a sign of sell-off ahead. Part of the reason is the patterns historical accuracy as a bearish predictor. Each of its previous occurrences ended up crashing the bitcoin price lower.

In March 2020, for instance, the 50-20 crossover has partially prompted the cryptocurrency to plunge by more than 50 percent. Similarly, its occurrence in November 2019 caused Bitcoin to correct downwards by circa 20 percent.


The current fractal shows the Death Cross complimenting the Falling Wedge structure. The latter is a bullish indicator that requires an asset to trend lower before attempting a breakout to the upside. Chart watchers can take the Death Cross as their cue to move price lower towards the apex of the Wedge.

That apex, which will likely mature in August 2020, is sitting just near $8,200, a level that served as a strong support to cap Bitcoins downside attempts in May 2020.

The $8,200-level is also close to the cryptocurrencys 200-DMA. The ...

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