Chinas BSN universal gateway adds Tezos as 6th b

Saturday 26 September 2020, 2:37 AM AEST - 3 weeks ago

BSN universal gatewayChina's BSN universal gateway adds Tezos as 6th b 19

  • BSN International incorporates Tezos APIs
  • Developers across the world can build on Tezos
  • BSN targeting over 40 blockchain additions

Chinas Blockchain Service Network (BSN) global gateway, BSN International, has revealed incorporating the Tezos network for international developers. As per the BSN statement, Tezos is one of the blockchains included by BSN in round one.

Notably, Chinas BSN global gateway offers commercial blockchain services to people on a worldwide scale. The incorporation of Tezos will allow businesses around the world entryway to the Tezos protocol and build apps. BSN further mentioned that public zones have fully linked both the mainnet and testnet of the Tezos network. There are available city nodes set up in Hong Kong, France, and the United States, as per the BSN.

Tezos APIs accessible through BSN universal gateway

Developers must register with the official web portal to launch and run their public chains through Chinas BSN universal gateway. Developers worldwide are now able to build and run their apps on the Tezos mainnet or the testnet. Additionally, the statement noted that the entire set of APIs offered by Tezos is accessible through BSN in the same way, with the source code reserved.

Algorand and ShareRing scheduled for next batch

The BSN network is targeting to include more than 40 blockchain service platforms by June next year. Tezos, one of the initial batch made up of six infrastructure platforms to be incorporated. The five other blockchains are Neo, Cosmos IRISnet, EOS, Ethereum, and Nervous. Moreover, Chinas BSN network is plotting to add support for some three other platforms. The BSN has reportedly booked Algorand and ShareRing for the next batch of blockchains to be incorporated.

The BSN blockchain project began as a Chinese state-endorsed initiative to assist medium scale, and small startups build and run DApps through permissioned blockchains in 2019. This year, the BSN

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