Care.W​allet for Physicians: Solve.Care Partners with ACN for a Decentralized Healthcare Platform

Solve Care

Solve.Care, a Blockchain based healthcare administration platform has released their Care.Wallet for Physician network for one of the largest Accountable Care Organization (ACO) in the US, Arizona Care Network (ACN). Solve.Care has announced a multi-year contract for its decentralized healthcare administration platform with ACN.

ACN, based in Phoenix, Arizona manages value-based care contracts for its network of more than 5,500 physicians covering 250,000 members. It is a joint venture of Dignity Health Systems and Tenet Healthcare. Dr. David Hanekom, CEO of Arizona Care Network said- ACN is focused on innovation in the healthcare industry and seeks to be the leading technology-enabled ACO in the US. This is why we chose to partner with Solve.Care, a true innovator in the healthcare care administration and payments sector. He added-Solve.Care brings a lot to the table in terms of their ability to simplify and decentralize complex processes related to value-based care delivery and payments. We couldnt be more excited as a result of this partnership and look forward to launching the platform with our providers and members.

Solve.Cares network empowers patients, physicians, public and private healthcare organizations as well as insurance companies to efficiently, effectively, and affordably carry out their business operations and provide primary care to the patients.

The effective administration of healthcare and benefits requires coordination and collaboration among multiple stakeholders including doctors, patients, payment authorities and likewise. The underlying technology for this network suggests different solutions that can bring cost savings and efficiency in traditional healthcare practices. For patients to take the utmost advantage of healthcare services from the government or any medical organization and choose the right resources including the doctor is chiefly based on the available information which is a challenging task. On the part of the medical organization, to get the appropriate payment and keep a track on their progress for a particular patient is the question. To ensure communication and coordination between all the parties which will assure transparency in operation and speed up the process, an inclusive solution deployed on a decentralized platform may elucidate the problem.

With blockchain, a patient-centered platform information network would be helpful for both the physician and the patient to save the time spent appointments, payments, and prescriptions. This allows the physician to center his/her attention to the primary task of curing the patient.

Partnering with one of the largest ACO in the US, whose network consists of more than 5500 doctors in Arizona, the Care.Wallet for physician application brings together thousands of physicians and allows them to control their individual and overall performance in terms of providing service to the patient while receiving corresponding rewards according to the Provider Rewards Program. Furthermore, it provides on-time, fraud-free payments, and hassle-free payments which is an advantage to the physician as most of the communication and extraneous cost ...

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