Buterin Needs Bitcoin Cash: Scaling Ethereum Before Sharding, Casper

Buterin Needs Bitcoin Cash: Scaling Ethereum Before Sharding, Casper

The Ethereum (ETH) team is actively looking for solutions that may help scale the blockchain network, as reported by Cointelegraph on July 15. Co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin is now considering third-party blockchains that have lower commission rates for transferring information. According to him, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain could cope well with this task. The fact is that BCH has a high data throughput — 53 kilobytes per second (KPS) compared to Ethereums eight KPS, which are actively used by applications, Buterin revealed.

Scalability issues force the hand

Over the years, scalability has been the Achilles' heel of Ethereum, and the team behind the second-largest cryptocurrency has been making every effort to increase it. In the current realities, the Ethereum blockchain is supposed to handle a maximum of 25 transactions per second (TPS), while the charts show that its throughput for July has not exceeded 11 TPS, and on several occasions in recent days, it has even dropped to around seven TPS.

Transactions per secondTransactions per second

The situation is complicated by a record number of pending transactions per second, which has already exceeded the 600 mark. Meanwhile, somewhat smaller blockchains managed to achieve greater performance. For instance, EOS is able to process 1,200 TPS and Tron can already handle 2,000 TPS.

Transactions per second comparison between top cryptos Transactions per second comparison between top cryptosTransactions per second comparison between top cryptosWhat about Casper?

Buterin built a whole roadmap until 2020, which

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