Blockchain – Way of the Future with Mobile devices

Wednesday 31 March 2021, 12:04 PM AEST - 2 months ago

The technology now built into mobile phones.

The latest Clear Phone, developed by Clear United, has incorporated Blockchain technology into the mobile device, with its Clear Apps being built on a decentralised system that wont allow third-party access to your data. Connect, communicate, and share on your terms.

Clear Phone has been called the Safest most secure internet experience you can ever imagine on a mobile device.

The phone also stands as presented with a better quality camera and more features

Ownership of your own data and privacy from day one.

Blockchain, Mobile Phones and Crypto

What does this mean for you and the crypto space?

With the integration of Blockchain onto mobile devices we will experience a major increase in the amount of people making transactions on the Blockchain, Simply due to the fact that people now have access to a device that is too running on a decentralised system.

Crypto Mining relies on transactions on the Blockchain. The more transactions there are, the more crypto miners are able to mine.

Safe to say that crypto mining will see yet another boom as the Blockchain technology is integrated more and more into our everyday lives.

Crypto Mining

The NGS model holds both proof and history of any entry and activity within the space is not only reliable however also stable and secure.

NGS, Australias leading digital asset mining specialists, offer the ability to enter the crypto market, and make generous consistent returns on a daily basis.

The NGS Mining model offers you both rewards and payment daily in Bitcoin including our round the clock withdrawal facility. You simply login as you would with the traditional model.

At the end of our agreement, your capital, which is held safe and secure during the period, your capital is then released back into your nominated bank account. Your other option: purely based on the trends thus far our members typically r ...

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