Blockchain technology to power South Koreas fight against diabetes

Tuesday 12 June 2020, 12:53 PM AEST - 1 week ago

Blockchain technology to power South Koreas fight against diabetesBlockchain technology to power South Koreas fight against diabetes 19

South Korea is planning to leverage blockchain technology in its fight against diabetes as the common chronic disease, prevalent in over 3.6 million in the region, is known to overburden the healthcare systems and patients with overwhelming treatment costs.

Blockchain technology saw innumerable use cases in recent months with the onset of a raging pandemic. Recently, a blockchain startup leveraged the upcoming technology in testing the authenticity of COVID-19 testing kits in developing nations where segregating fake from real is a challenge.

Last week, a VeChain i-Dante led initiative for a Cyprus hospital went live where blockchain technology is being used to track and record the COVID history of patients. From bolstering supply chains to streamlining traditional banking practices like cross-border remittances, the tech has seen massive utilities in recent years.

Blockchain technology boosts fight against diabetes

Now, the South Korean government has entrusted a blockchain-based startup called Sendsquare to design proof-of-concept blockchain ledger that stores and manages clinic data of patients who have diabetes.

The region has recently seen a tremendous surge in the people who are affected by this lifestyle disease due to changing city environments and increased intake of unhealthy diets. Besides, Asians are genetically known to have reduced insulin secretion capacity, which has resulted in over 60 percent of diabetic patients hailing from this region.

Although the inclusion of the latest technologies like AI has been helping the country in one of its most challenging healthcare battles ...

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