Blockchain platform Solve.Care & Uber forge partnership to transform health care patients transportation

According to the latest report, the newly forged partnership between the blockchain platform Solve.Care and the multinational transport network giant Uber s aiming to transform the way healthcare professional, and patients manage to coordinate the medical appointments. Ubers healthcare subsidiary, Uber Health, will integrate with the Solve.Cares wallet.

Uber Health is a HIPPA based technology solution for the healthcare organizations that enable hospitals and healthcare professionals to manage, request, and pay for the patients and staffs rides. While this Care.Wallet will act as a personal healthcare administrator and coordinator application, that will connect the Uber Health for predetermined appointments, providing affordable rides to the caregivers and patients.

According to the Head of Uber Health Dan Trigub, due to the unreliable transport system, each year a little three (3.6) million Americans miss their appointments with their health professionals. So, the estimated cost of missed appointments is about one hundred and fifty billion dollars per Anum. However, Uber Health always strives to make sure that transportations do not act as a hindrance to the care that is needed. Through the HIPPA compliant technology solutions, Uber Health is working to facilitate rides for those patients who either do not have a smartphone or do not possess the ability to use them and to improve the situation for patients with issues of mobility. Moreover, forges collaboration with the Solve.Care supports these efforts by bringing innovation into the healthcare industry and promoting greater accessibility of care to the patients.

The CEO of Solve.Care Pradeep Goel stated that this partnership would likely bring the benefits of managed transportation to the healthcare programs by providing access to the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services (NEMT). Hence, improved clinical delivery and reduction in the overall cost of healthcare are expected for everyone.

As the Solve.Care is based on Ethereum blockchain, so, every ride would be recorded and logged, enabling the patients to pay for their rides with their Care.Wallet by using Ethereum based stablecoins. Moreover, they can even share the cost of the trip with their family members, employers, and insurance firms. This platform also enables coordination amongst patients, family, and employers, and so on for improved planning, execution, assistance .payments, arrival, and appointment scheduling.

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