Blockchain Bites: Ripples MoneyGram Pump, OKExs Bitcoin Cash Plan, Bitcoins Birthday

Saturday 31 October 2020, 3:09 AM AEST - 4 weeks ago

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Ripple has invested over $50 million in remittance firm MoneyGram over the course of the firms working relationship. Forbes published an investigation detailing the byzantine corporate structure Binance may have created to avoid U.S. regulations. Ether grew as a share of Genesis Capitals total loan book.

No offenses
Investors who say they lost around £100,000 ($130,000) in an alleged cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme will not see remuneration after bringing their claims to the police. According to an investigation by the Metro newspaper published Tuesday, a number of investors said they had invested in a cryptocurrency project called Lyfcoin on promises of hefty returns, but had not received their money back. West Midlands Police dropped the case, however, saying none of the evidence provided took the case further forward and, the Metro said, no offenses had been committed.

Funding remittance firm
MoneyGram has received over $52 million for providing market development fees for blockchain payments firm Ripple, since the firms struck a working relationship. In Q3 2020, Ripple invested over $9.3 million in the remittance firm, following a $15.1 million injection made the previous quarter, according to Moneygrams latest financial report. MoneyGram has described the market development fees as compensation for providing liquidity to Ripples On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) network – its payments product using the XRP cryptocurrency to send money across borders.

Byzantine Binance
Binance Holdings Limited created a corporate plan for profiting from the U.S. market while avoiding the countrys regulatory scrutiny, Forbes reported Thursday, citing a 2018 document it obtained. The leaked presentation outlines ...

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