Blockchain-Based Game Chainmonsters Taps Into Power of Flow Blockchain

Saturday 17 October 2020, 12:40 AM AEST - 1 week ago

Explaining the choice of the Flow blockchain as the backbone of its project, Max Weber, the CEO of B-Side Games, praised the consumer and developer-centric nature of Flow.

Chainmonsters, a blockchain-based game created by B-Side Games has tapped into the scalable power of the Flow blockchain. This move comes ahead of its Kickstarter Campaign scheduled to begin on October 20th. Blockchain-based games are becoming commonplace in the crypto sphere as of today and most with the ultimate goal of attaining mass adoption. In addition to the adoption drive, global integration is also sought, and as such developers partner with the right blockchain network that can help achieve this aim.

Blockchain-based Chainmonsters Game: New Highlight in NFT-Backed Gaming

Chainmonsters as described by the developers is a blockchain-based game that enables a cross-platform multiplayer experience. Under development since around 2017, the game features players who embark on an epic journey while catching, battling, trading and competing with digital monsters.

Every feature of the game including its iconic monsters dubbed Chainmon and other digital relics the game boasts of is built on the flow blockchain. The Chainmon is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and each user playing the game can catch a total of 135 Chainmons all created differently. Individual values like the statistics, traits, and the digital mutations of each users accumulated Chainmon define how strong ones monsters are.

Additionally, each Chainmon is distinguished by the serial numbers, determined by order of capture by players globally, and comes in 3 different visual variations including Normal, Shadow, and Crystal. Only the Crystal Variation is up in the Kickstarter Campaign billed for next.

Noting the choice of the Flow blockchain as the backbone of its project, Max Weber, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of B-Side Games said that the consumer and developer-centric nature of Flow is why the brand has attracted not just B-Side Games but also leading game firms including Ubisoft, Dr. Seuss, UFC amongst others. Besides this factor, Weber also noted that the Flow Blockchain makes it easy for players without blockchain experience or technical knowledge to get started, offering an appealing user experience interface.

Chainmonsters is an incentivized game in which players can get values for their ...

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