Bithumb Steps Into India With Its New Blockchain Platform


Bithumb, which is known to be amongst the largest cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe, made an announcement on introducing India to its Blockchain platform.

Both government and private sectors, which would include startups and other Indian companies, can make use of The Bithumb Chain, as it is known, for the betterment of services and products using Blockchain.

The crypto-exchange amongst the five largest in the world announced the Bithumb Chain at the Bithumb Family Conference in Seoul, South Korea.

According to Vincent Poon, Vice President, Bithumb Global, the company is willing to partner with anyone in India. Poon even mentioned that he believes that India carries the potential for the future of cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Even though there are some legal issues pertaining to cryptocurrencies in the country, Poon still has hope.

He further added that the countrys developer talent on Blockchain applications is worth applauding.

Poon did not reveal the technicalities of Bithumb Chain, but he did say that it allows integration of projects of developers, without them having to reinvent the wheel.

Though a bill is yet to be passed on the dealing of cryptocurrency in India, Poon mentions how the country has a lot of developer talent when it comes to Blockchain.

The Bithumb Chain would be utilized for different industries and can adapting it to different use cases is possible. As of now, the company is in search of partners in India who will be utilizing Bithumb Chain in their products.

The future of Bithumb in the country will be in the hands of the government and its decisions. So currently, the company does not have plans to start its own projects in the country.

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