: Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin Mixer

Tuesday 05 May 2020, 5:11 PM AEST - 4 months ago

Bitcoin might be a safe and fast way to transact, but it doesn’t guarantee complete anonymity. A highly motivated hacker can easily trace your records.

But thanks to, a platform that anonymizes crypto payments, you can send crypto stress-free knowing all your payments are completely safe. It’s an effective tool that functions by combining each transaction with a host of other transactions. Usually, the mixing process takes only a couple of minutes.

The final coins that a user receives back are completely new and untraceable. is a trusted bitcoin mixer that will help you give your Bitcoin transactions the security and anonymity that you are looking for.

Why would you need

A few years ago, bitcoin gained immense popularity due to its acclaimed anonymity, a factor that attracted a multitude of users. However, the hype cooled down when users learned the ins and outs of bitcoin and how transactions are carried out. In simple terms, Bitcoin anonymity is just a myth. Anyone can get into the publicly available ledger and track down any transaction they wish to. gives your coin the complete anonymity that you are looking for. For starters, once you deposit your Bitcoins to the platform, Bitcoin Mixer functions by crushing the transaction into small parts which are then transferred into diverse directions. Thereafter, the platform will return the coins in the same amount as deposited but as completely new coins that are untraceable. Here are some valuable specifications that has for you.

  • Complete anonymity
  • Instant transfer
  • Low Fee
  • No logs and no traces

Complete anonymity

The essence of using a Bitcoin mixer is in gaining privacy and anonymity for your coin that barricades your money from hackers and other forms of surveillance that may expose your coin to unauthorized persons. The platform requests no personal credentials such as users’ addresses and names while carrying out transactions.

Instant transfer

For a user’s digital assets to be transferred to their respective addresses, a quick confirmation message is the only details that one is required to submit and their coins will be transferred to their address instantly. Note that Bitcoin Mixer holds readily mixed coins in their reserve.

So, once you click the confirmation message, you’ll receive your coins instantly, in full amount and of course, with complete anonymity.

Low fee

Have you ever wondered how attackers get past the complex security configured by wallet holders and steal digital assets? Well, maybe you need to pay attention to it. Using the public ledger book which maintains all cryptocurrency transactions, attackers can use analyzers to know the balance of a crypto owner.

You can bet that once someone has such kind of information, stealing from you is just a matter of time. But thanks to BitcoinMixer.To, you have afee which normally ranges approximately 0.1% from the cryptocurrency transaction. This makes the transaction quite difficult to trace.

No logs and no traces

The need for complete anonymity is greater in the online space, and it is only second to the information online prowlers seek. Users that mix cryptocurrency on the platform does not even need to input their information. BitcoinMixer.To collect no logs and no traces.

The importance of privacy and security while transacting online cannot be stressed enough. The advantages it offers hold the possibility of making crypto mainstream.

More details about the Bitcoin Mixer platform can be gathered through their official website

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