Bitcoin Price To Rally If $11,700 Launchpad Level Is Hit


Bitcoin price has been pretty much trading sideways since it pushed past the psychological $10,000 barrier in June. Noted crypto bull and analyst Josh Rager called for a critical resistance level for BTC that month. Bitcoin could register new highs if it closes above the $11,700 launchpad level he said. In his latest tweet, he recalled the same, letting the chart do the talking.

BTC Price Range-Bound Since $10k Run

June was the month when bitcoin finally surged back into the five-figure territory after a year-long hiatus. The rally was virtually unstoppable and ended with BTC brushing past the $13,000 mark. Since then price movement mostly has been range-bound till date.

It can also be attributed to the fact that bitcoins flowing in and out of exchanges had no major difference. Folks were majorly interested in making profits off their holdings and still are. This was also pointed out my Mr. Roger.

If you like $BTC at $10k than you're really going to love when BTC closes above $11,700…

And resumes running through every resistance in its path to new all-time highs

Nothing sensational about this just look at the chart

Little will stand in the way besides profit taking

— Josh Rager (@Josh_Rager) June 22, 2019

Bitcoin Closing Above $11,700 Will Pave Way For New Highs

In the latest tweet posted today, Josh recalled his aforementioned June commentary on bitcoins price action. He seemed to have nonchalantly called the $11,700 critical resistance for BTC then. It so happens that the weekly price action stayed below that level with bitcoin trading sideways since.

Back in June, I jokingly mentioned that closing above $11,700 would be the launchpad level before new highs

Funny thing is, the weekly was held below that level and Bitcoin has been sideways since

Updated price action is in pink on the chart

— Josh Rager (@Josh_Rager) September 10, 2019

What he means is that this quarters almost flat price action is set to halt with BTC breaking past the $11,700 launchpad level. Josh goes on to say that once that happens, there will be no stopping the bitcoin price, as it will continue to chart higher highs.

BTC Price May Mirror 2017s Rally This Year

As mentioned in one of my previous articles, bitcoin has posted positive returns every quarter this year till date. Last time this happened, we saw BTC hit $20,000 in 2017.

As pointed out by London-b ...

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