's Cashfusion Fund Exceeds Goal: $100K Raised for Bitcoin Cash Privacy

Monday 6 April 2020, 6:45 AM AEST - 1 month ago's Cashfusion Fund Exceeds Goal: $100K Raised for Bitcoin Cash Privacy

Bitcoin.coms Cashfusion Fund officially surpassed the fundraiser goal by 103.3% or $51K worth of bitcoin cash spread out between 623 donations. The funds will go toward Cashfusion developer expenses and a security audit from Kudelski Security. also matched the funds donated so Cashfusion can provide bitcoin cash users with the best privacy methods available today.

Cashfusion Provides Greater Privacy Than Traditional Coinjoin Protocols

Cashfusion has been considered a powerful tool when it comes to obfuscating bitcoin cash transactions and ensuring privacy. The project made a lot of headway last year and into the new year as well as 3,139 Fusions have been processed since November 28, 2019. Furthermore, Cashfusion has also been complemented by well known privacy advocates like the creator of the Wasabi Wallet. On January 29, data analyst James Waugh sifted through a number of Cashfusion transaction inputs and outputs and realized that its not possible to establish a concrete link between them. The Cashfusion protocol is an extension of Cashshuffle, which adds a greater layer of privacy to BCH transactions. However, if a shuffling participant mixes their BCH and eventually consolidates the UTXOs, its possible the transaction can leave behind some clues for blockchain analysis.'s Cashfusion Fund Exceeds Goal: $100K Raised for Bitcoin Cash PrivacyWant to learn how to use Cashfusion with bitcoin cash? Check out this tutorial here. Are you looking for a secure way to buy bitcoin cash online? Start by downloading your fr ...

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