Battlefield V Censors World War 2 and I Just Wanted to Kill Some Nazis

Battlefield V, BattlefieldBattlefield killed the Nazis by avoiding them altogether. | Source: YouTube/EA

By CCN: Battlefield V makes a number of departures from reality, but none is so stark as its erasure of the German Nazi Party. The EA/DICE superhit released the title – 16th in the series – last fall.

World War II Without Nazis, Japanese, Russians, or Americans?

I wasnt paying much attention, having not even upgraded to Xbox One at that point. I finally did so in January, and the reason seemed obvious to me: Battlefield One. Then one day at the store I noticed a new Battlefield title, so I picked it up.

While Battlefield has for years been essentially the only console game I play (Im a boring/busy single father of four), I hadnt heard anything about the latest edition.

As it turns out, there was a great controversy about them introducing women soldiers into every army.

Clearly, that makes historical sense for the Soviet Union, who did have many female soldiers. Actual soldiers, armed and trained to kill, although the majority served in medical units.

But Soviet Russia isnt even introduced in Battlefield V (yet). Nor is America, Japan, or even, wait for it, the Nazis. There are Germans, but were meant to pretend they werent Nazis.

Electronic Arts and DICE have made a number of missteps before and after the games release; Battlefield V sales have disappointed. | Source: Shutterstock

In fact, if you play medic, which is one of the better classes in Battlefield V, you default to the female character.

I played her for a few weeks before I realized I could change her. Battlefield V has a whole skinning/market scheme, where youre expected to earn in-game currency and spend real money to upgrade the look and feel of your character.

You Could Use A Little Blockchain In Your Life

This is a departure from Battlefield 4, the game Ive played constantly for years, where your main concern is upgrading your weapon. Just being a good player will eventually get you all the weapons. I think, of course, the Battlefield in-game-property system could benefit from some blockchain, but thats another article.

The female thing doesnt bother me much, really. So be it.

But the Nazi thing. Well, some background.

Its Okay To Kill A Nazi Where I Come From

My first experience in first person shooters was in the 1990s, on Windows 3.1, playing Wolfenstein 3D. My Reagan Republican father watched pretty much one channel exclusively, the History channel. When he wasnt watching the news. On the occa ...

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