Bank of America Clients Report Troubles Accessing Accounts, Time For Bitcoin?

Users in the United States have reported troubles accessing their Bank of America (BoA) accounts.

This didnt happen to just a few users but it affected a large number of accounts in the country. Many of these individuals must have access to their accounts to perform payments and live.

Users Cannot Access Bank of America Accounts

A Twitter user affected by this issue claimed that not only Bank of America accounts were down but also ATMs. Meanwhile, BoA didnt inform anything about the situation. She then asked whether it is time for a new bank.

Perhaps, the best option is to move to Bitcoin (BTC).

So the Bank of America app continues to be down along with ATMs and no communication at all from @BankofAmerica. Time for a new bank?

— Gina Scarpa (@ginascarpa) October 30, 2019

According to Downdetector, a website that provides information about users problems with different services registered more than 9100 problems last night.

Most of the reported problems (73%) were related to online banking, followed by mobile banking (23%). Just 2% of the reports were related to Bank of Americas website.

Tim Fitzsimons, a reporter at NBC News, claimed that he was having trouble accessing his Bank of America account. He added that there were other individuals facing similar issues and very worried about their funds.

Meanwhile, other users claimed they really needed to have access to these funds because they had to buy food and other goods. The bank claimed users credentials were not correct.

I am having trouble accessing my @BankofAmerica account, and judging by the volume of alarmed tweets Im seeing about this right now, so are many other people.

While some users considered this was part of scheduled maintenance, others mentioned that the bank would certainly inform that beforehand.

Furthermore, a Twitter user explained she called the bank and they answered nervously saying the system was down all around the country. She suggested that Bank of America was definitely hacked.

The Bank of America Help Twitter account didnt answer any of the comments and questions users had a few days ago.

Some users that were affected by the current outage at Bank of America started promoting Bitcoin as a solution to these issues.

To those with @BankofAmerica or @WellsFargo: Bitcoin has an operational up time of +99.8% in 10 years…your legacy providers are failing you, like below.

Rememb ...

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