Automating Your Trading Strategy, Set It and Forget It: Top 3 Trending Index Tokens

Wednesday 03 March 2021, 11:49 PM AEST - 1 month ago

Index tokens are a vital tool for making breakthroughs happen. By providing automated rebalancing and diversification of crypto portfolios, they represent both convenience and risk alleviation.

Index tokens bring asset automation and risk reduction to your yield farming ventures. As blockchain finance continues to evolve, they aim to streamline investment experience just as ETFs do in the traditional stock market.

What Are Index Tokens?

The GameStop short-squeeze drama is simmering down now, but it resulted in hedge funds losing billions of dollars and more people than ever entering high finance. For newcomers, this sector tends to be rather overwhelming as they have to wade through all the muddled jargon. In many ways, it is like learning a new language, the language of finance which gains in complexity as it is mimicked on the blockchain.

So before we explain index tokens in Decentralized Finance (DeFi), its worth retracing the roots of this concept back to traditional finance. Anyone who has used the Robinhood, eToro or Fidelity trading apps would have encountered ETFs – Exchange Traded Funds. Simply put, a ETF is an index-tracking fund that signifies the diversification of risk across your investment portfolio which contains a variety of stocks grouped by industry sector.

For the majority of retail investors, ETFs represent the first, low-risk step in market exposure, either in equities, commodities or the fixed income market. Unlike traditional index funds, ETFs are bought and sold in real-time on stock exchanges like the NASDAQ or NYSE. Given that this collection of stocks represent certain industry sectors, indexes allow us to evaluate how they perform on the stock market.

The most popular ETF – index fund – is the S&P 500, representing the companies with the largest market capitalization, from Amazon to Tesla. Therefore, with such enormous wealth accounting for about

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