ASICLine introduces 2 miners to the crypto industry

Monday 26 October 2020, 8:43 PM AEST - 1 month ago

ASIClineASICLine introduces 2 miners to the crypto industry 19

  • ASICLine has introduced its two miners FirstLine and PowerBox.
  • Both miners offer the fastest return on investment (ROI), quick hash rates, and a superb energy ability.

ASICLine, a prominent business in the crypto field, has introduced its two miners FirstLine and PowerBox, for the crypto industry. Both multi-algorithm miners offer an exceptional financial opportunity for crypto mining fans. They are even suitable for those who dont have a crypto mining background.

FirstLine and PowerBox provide the fastest return on investment (ROI), quick hash rates and a superior level of energy productivity. FirstLine has a hash rate of 410 TH/s for Bitcoin, 60 GH/s for Litecoin, and 15 GH/s for Ethereum. Powerbox is even more admirable as it offers 1250 TH/s for Bitcoin, 180 GH/s for Litecoin and 45 GH/s for Ethereum. FirstLine uses 650 W of power, and Powerbox expends 1800 W.

ASICLines goal

The famed crypto company was instituted by many traders who wanted to make crypto mining a successful venture for investors. Cryptocurrency mining or crypto mining has grown as a theme and activity, thanks to the expanding crypto space. Crypto mining is expensive, and it requires thoroughness. Nevertheless, several traders pursue mining because they are reimbursed with crypto tokens.

Mining allows investors to receive cryptocurrencies without providing any capital. The mining activity can be fierce as the remuneration goes to the first miner that solves a complicated hash problem. Cryptominers function as auditors in that they are confirming earlier transactions and thus avert the double-spending crisis.

Miners require a computer and a specific graphical processing unit (GPU), adequate methods for cooling the equipment, a reliable internet connection, and a legalized cryptocurrency mining software. Prospective crypto miners would need to join a digital cryptocurrency exchan ...

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