Accused of Spreading FUD Zeus Capital Doubles Down on Chainlink Pump and Dump Claims

Sunday 02 August 2020, 4:38 PM AEST - 5 months ago

Zeus Capital LLP has released a new report reiterating its earlier stance that Chainlink is a giant pump and dump scheme.

This new report comes after the little known asset management and research firm took a flak for attacking Chainlinks token in an earlier report.

In what it now terms part 1 of its exposé, Zeus Capital LLP asserts in the latest report that the over 140 partnerships announced by Chainlink so far are an exaggeration. The asset management firm contends the project has been created to enrich the founders.

Accused of Spreading a FUD Zeus Capital Doubles Down on Chainlink Pump and Dump ClaimsAccused of Spreading a FUD Zeus Capital Doubles Down on Chainlink Pump and Dump Claims

In the report, Zeus Capital LLP questions the announced game-changing partnerships with technology giants, such as Google, Oracle, and T-Systems.

Unmasking Chainlinks alleged modus operandi, Zeus Capital LLP claims it starts with a large company showcasing some of their products (usually via a blog post) and casually mentioning Chainlink as a theoretical intermediary in delivering the product to blockchain clients.

Zeus Capital LLP, which some Twitter users have linked to Nexo Finance, admits that Chainlinks core proposition is to connect APIs with blockchain and so a pretty good number of legacy players can easily be involved.

Still, Zeus Capital LLP contends that the infrastructure supporting Chainlink is overhyping the project as well as overstating the partners eagerness to proceed.

Smartcontract and the people behind Chainlink are taking it from there, loudly announcing how a big tech com ...

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