a16z Leads $25 Million Funding Round for Ethereum Layer-2 Scaling Solution Optimism

Friday 26 February 2021, 3:25 AM AEST - 1 month ago

a16z Leads $25 Million Funding Round for Layer-2 Scaling Solution Optimism

Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum – Optimism – has found a major backer in Andreessen Horowitz.

Andreessen Horowitz Leads $25 Million Round

The race to become the first Layer 2 scaling solution to fix the high gas fees woes for the largest smart contracts platform is heating up. The demand – both institutional and retail – for Layer 2 scaling solutions has experienced an uptick in recent times amid skyrocketing Ethereum transaction costs pushing as high as $40 on February 23.

Already, the likes of Matic Network (now Polygon), Arbitrum, and Optimistic are burning the midnight oil to become the first Layer 2 solution that is able to tackle Ethereums unaffordable gas fees problem at the earliest.

Against this backdrop, major venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (A16z) recently announced it is leading Optimisms $25 million Series A investment round.

The official announcement reads in part:

Weve spent a great deal of time looking at various approaches and teams building Layer 2s, and today were thrilled to announce we are leading a $25 million Series A investment in Optimism. Optimism is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution that uses optimistic rollups to achieve far lower fees, far lower latency, and far greater throughput versus Ethereum Layer 1 alone while also providing a world-class developer and user experience.

For those not in the know, Optimism leverages rollups to bundle transactions together using smart contracts on an Ethereum side-chain before broadcasting them to the mainnet. Through this, Optimistic is not only able to achieve lower fees but also lower latency, and greater throughput vis-a-vis transacting on Ethereums Layer 1 mainnet.

At present, Optimism is in the midst of a phased roll-out and is expected to be ready for large-scale production toward the end of 2021.

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