5 Cool Features On Binance Futures That You Should Try Out

Thursday 26 November 2020, 6:14 PM AEST - 1 month ago


Do you want to test your trading skills against other crypto traders worldwide?

Imagine competing against other traders on a daily basis, gamifying your trading experience, and at the same time, winning prizes. Wouldn't that be great?

Or perhaps, do you want to follow and interact with the best traders on Binance?

Imagine being able to track the positions of the most profitable traders in the crypto world and watching the enormous amounts of profits they raked in every day.

If yes, you're in luck because we have exciting new features that will take your trading experience to a whole new level. We've introduced five cool features that will enhance your trading experience with us.

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Without further ado, here's a rundown of the features that were recently launched.

1. Binance Futures Battle

Binance Futures Battle function was recently launched and has attracted great interest from retail traders worldwide. Battle is our latest feature that allows traders to compete with each other to earn points. This new feature blends elements of gaming and cryptocurrency trading by placing traders head to head in a battle to see who is the most profitable over a certain period.

The rules are simple. Users only need to predict Bitcoin's direction in the next 5 minutes and go long or short. Players who predict the opposite direction will be matched against you automatically.

In each battle, users can collect points regardless of the outcome.

Battle Interface


How to get started with battle?

  • Click the Battle tab located on the Derivatives dropdown menu of Binances trading interface.

  • If you are a new futures user, you need to open a futures account ...

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