Salesforce Does U-Turn, Launching ‘Sustainable Technology’ NFT Platform

June 10, 2022, 10:30 AM AEST - 3 weeks ago

Salesforce Inc, a leader in customer relations software, is piloting a cloud-based service for minting and selling NFTs called ‘NFT Cloud’.

The company has made some changes to its consensus mechanism after its employees protested the firm’s NFT plans, citing environmental concerns. It will no longer be using energy-intensive proof-of-work blockchain platforms but is yet to announce which blockchains it will be supporting:

It’s a No-Go for Proof-of-Work

NFT Cloud will allow brands to tap Salesforce’s cloud-based tools to create and sell NFTs. Salesforce’s foray into NFTs will likely be used for brand loyalty initiatives and access to events, and is set to go live in October this year. Senior vice president Adam Caplan has said that brands are likely to use NFTs for engagement and access rather than selling collectibles.

As it stands, NFT Cloud is available as a pilot program to a limited number of customers and has yet to specify which blockchain platforms will be used to mint NFTs, but Salesforce has made it clear that it would not be supporting blockchains that use energy-intensive proof-of-work consensus models.

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