Revolutionizing the Digital Currency Sphere

August 09, 2018, 11:12 AM AEST - 3 years ago

[AUSTRALIA, 7th August 2018] - 'The future is now' the world’s most advanced platform yet; myCryptoWallet launches the next generation of unrivalled features in the cryptocurrency sphere.

Quickly becoming a world leader in blockchain commerce solutions and allowing users more access than ever before, they offer multi currency deposit/withdrawal enabled wallet service that is available in all unsanctioned countries, combined with a live marketplace, crypto-tracking portfolio and instant exchange, conglomerating all three components onto one platform.

Upholding a stringent responsibility to their audience, they have implemented an instant verification system - a feature that is highly coveted amongst traders.

In a market that can be costly to participate in, myCryptoWallet offers free deposits and withdrawals; with their global clientele in mind, they opened their doors to international users.

Amongst its new features, one of the most anticipated launch of their Debit card that allow users to make purchases and ATM withdrawals Australia wide, direct from Cryptocurrency to FIAT. 

Combining industry oversight with the vision to provide a service that is simple and easy to understand, myCryptoWallet adheres to its purpose of giving users more control than ever over their holdings.

They aim to provide the most safe and secure service currently possible under international AML/CTF and KYC laws, remaining constantly vigilant regarding any amendments to such laws and modifying their business model accordingly. Leveraging the anonymity of Virtual Currency in tandem with Blockchain distributed ledger technology, myCryptoWallet makes wealth more secure and trace-able than a bank vault.

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