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Blockchain platform designed for the recruitment industry.

Company Token Symbol Token Type Category Total Tokens
Aworker WORK Utility ERC-20 Recruitment Industry 231,778,675 WORK

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In this review, we will cover Aworker, which is a blockchain platform designed for the recruitment industry. As part of our review, we’ll cover Aworker’s key features, the people behind it, and the token distribution for its ICO.

Aworker is a russian company based in Moscow. The founders see Aworker as key to the distruption of the human resources industry, and new opening new opportunities for job hunters and companies seeking talent. The global HR and recruitment industry has a combined value of $429 billion dollars, making it one of the most important industries in the world.
Aworker as key to the distruption of the human resources

Aworker - Identifying the Problem

Under page 6 of the Aworker whitepaper, the company outlines the key problems of the recruitment industry for companies and job seekers.

  • It’s difficult to find good employees
  • it’s hard to verify the credentials of candidates and to assess their skills
  • High hiring costs
  • Job seekers find it hard to find a good job

The whitepaper goes on to say that the above problems require a solution, as without one the industry will continue to suffer.

Aworker - Proposed Solution

Page 10 of the Aworker whitepaper states a solution to the problems of the HR industry with the following:

“We are creating a decentralized and reliable solution for employees and companies based on the Ethereum blockchain with smart contracts. Our solution consists of a job marketplace, skills verification and an independent rating of reputation. Employees get the opportunity to find a job and make money on their network, skills and professional achievements. Companies get access to a decentralized rating and skills verified via smart contracts.”

To carry out the above strategy and solutions, Aworker is developing the following features:

  • Smart contract technologies: With the use of smart contracts, Aworker helps to reward all stakeholders of the hiring process automatically.
  • CV in the blockchain: Users can keep their resumes in the blockchain that can be retrieved at any time of their choosing.
  • Decentralized verification: As Aworker’s platform is decentralized; this means that the community can be assured an individual’s credentials, as this information is stored permanently in the blockchain.
  • Earn tokens: Users can be rewarded for their recommendations and skills through the issuance of WORK tokens.

Features of the Aworker platform

Aworker features a job marketplace that provides a transparent platform for people who are looking for work. According to Aworker’s roadmap, this platform is in its closed alpha stages and has working accounts for employees only. Development for the platform will continue through Q3 of 2018, with its integration of job sites and launch of the Aworker HR app for companies.

Combined with the job marketplace, there is a verification system for each record on the blockchain. The verification system means that this information is immutable and permanently stored on the network.

It’s important to note that Aworker does not have a Github page to showcase its development -- but Aworker states that one will be rolled out in the near future, as per the team’s Bitcointalk thread.

Once the platform is fully rolled out, Aworker will have a rating system for professionals across the world. At a glance, employers can see the employee’s rating, number of confirmed skills, and an overall rating based on their actions. As an incentive to encourage interaction with the platform, 10 of the best employees every month are chosen to earn WORK tokens.

Aworker aims to help to instil trust in the HR and recruitment marketplace. It will do this by “verifying the credentials and experience of each candidate, and through its internal reputation system.”

Benefits of Aworker for companies and job seekers

There are a number of benefits of Aworker for both job seekers and companies:

  • Job seekers can earn WORK tokens through recommendations of their skills
  • Lowers the cost of acquisition for new employees. Aworker claims to reduce these costs by as much as 4x compared to traditional recruitment
  • Lets job seekers post their CV and hunt for their dream jobs on an alternative platform to job sites or going through an agency

How users can earn WORK tokens with Aworker

WORK tokens are Aworker’s internal currency that gets distributed through blockchain and smart contracts. Users can earn WORK tokens in a number of ways, such as:

  • By referring friends and colleagues to the platform. If the referred person is invited to an interview or gets the job, work tokens will be issued
  • Confirming skills. One can confirm their competency in the professional environment and be rewarded for it. WORK tokens are issued for everyone who verifies their skills by uploading and attaching related documents, such as degrees or professional certificates
  • Tokens are also issued for confirming that a user has passed certain courses or attended events
  • WORK tokens are issued to anyone who attends an interview, even if they don’t get the job

Team information for Aworker

Aworker’s team consists of ’12 individuals who have experience in fintech and blockchain technologies. The company’s founders have the following credentials and expertise:

  • Anton Cherkasov, co-founder and CEO. Anton is an entrepreneur and founder of SaaS Kepler leads
  • Michael Doshevsky, co-founder and CTO. Michael is one of the developers at Kaspersky labs
  • Michael Barkov, co-founder and HR partner. Michael B worked as a human resources director at PAZOLINI, which is one of the largest retail stores for shoes. Michael also worked in talent acquisition and development at L’Oreal
  • Svetlana Fomenkova, business development director. Svetlana has skills in sales, business development, and business strategy. She worked with brands such as Lexus, FHM, FIFA, and Phillip Morris
  • Sergey Streltsov, chief marketing officer (CMO). Sergey was the ex-Global Marketing Director for Yoola, which is a leading video network and distribution platform. Sergey has experience in promoting companies in both B2B and B2C markets.
  • Serafima Aleksandrova, public relations. Serafima worked as a public relations manager for brands like WelkerMedia inc, and Lobster Media. She is a content marketing evangelist with strong skills in mathematics.
  • Roman Ivanstov, software architect. Roman has 10 years worth of experience as a software developer and architect. Roman headed projects such as Est Wi-Fi, Virium, and TargetOk.
  • Pavel Levkovich, project lead. Pavel worked as a senior developer for Vnesheconombank (VTB), which is one of Russia’s largest banks. Pavel also worked on projects like Bot Factory and MetaShop.
  • Alex Zachinalov, frontend and user interface. Alex is a frontend developer for SOKOLOV, which is one of the world’s largest e-commerce jewelry companies.
  • Eugene Petukhov, backend developer. Eugene has strong skills as a .net developer and 9 years of experience in C# development. Prior to Aworker, Eugene was a senior developer for Norilsk Nickel, and developed both web and desktop applications.
  • Vasily Kuznetsov, advisor. Vasily is the co-founder for one of Russia’s largest blockchain communities, and is also a tech entrepreneur and digital marketer.
  • Denis Polulyakhov, advisor. Denis is an IT entrepreneur with 12 years of experience. He is the founder of Carbyn Blockchain Group, CCO of Moda Mark, CCO of Brand57, co-founder of Sunberg, and CMO of Jupiter.

Aworker team Token Sale

In total, there will be a maximum of 213,778,675 WORK tokens issued. Additionally, all unsold and unallocated tokens will be destroyed and no additional release of tokens will be possible, as stated under Aworker’s token sale page.

  • The 1st token sale for Aworker concluded on the26th of January, 2018
    • 30% discount, (357,143 WORK tokens)
  • The 2nd token sale will start on the 15th of February, 2018
    • 20% discount, (1,250,000 WORK tokens)
  • The 3rd token sale will start on the 15th of March, 2018
    • 15% discount, (4,441,765 WORK tokens)
  • The final token sale will start on the 26th of May, 2018
    • 0% discount, (hard cap)

Aworker Team Token Distribution

Aworker Team Token Distribution
  • 60% Token sale
  • 15.8% Reserve fund
  • 10% Core team
  • 7% Advisory board
  • 4.2% Seed investors
  • 2% Bug bounty
  • 1% Bounty

Funding Allocation

aworker Funding Allocation
  • 55% Development
  • 25% Marketing
  • 10% Operations
  • 5% Legal
  • 5% Partnerships

Aworker Final Thoughts

Aworker intends to revolutionize the HR and recruitment industry through the use of smart contract and blockchain technology. If the project is successful, it will compensate job seekers for their time of keeping their profiles up to date and verifying their identities on the Aworker blockchain.

While for companies, Aworker can verify the identity of each job seeker and ensure that a job seekers identity is valid. The use of a worker’s integrated job seeking platform and verification protocols helps to keep all activity on the blockchain transparent and unalterable, thus improving the amount of trust that exists between all stakeholders of the recruitment process.

To conclude, Aworker is a promising project in an exciting and competitive industry. Securing the WORK ticker together with a first mover advantage could be advantageous for both investors and the wider community.

Last updated: 18/02/2018

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