Bitcoin & Crypto Currency Learning Resources

Prices & Market Trends

  •  Coin Market Cap is our pick for monitoring the price of Bitcoin and other alternative crypto currencies.
  •  Similar to Coin Market Cap with a bit more information including All Time High analysis.

YouTube Channels for News

  • Andreas Antonopoulos – Expert in Bitcoin and Blockchain. One of the smartest guys around in this space.
  • Clif High – Expert in AI computing and predicting the future using lanugage processing.
  • Crypto Daily – Always a good watch, informative and entertaining.
  • Box Mining – Very honest opinion of what is happening in the news and very frequent updates and good interviews and news from China.
  • Bix Weir – Smart guy and is really easy to listen to. Shares news about cryptos, precious metals and politics.
  • Crypto Bit Brothers – Always fun and honest opinions of whats going on in the crypto world. Great guys to watch.
  • Brandon Kelly – BK is the Boss of Bitcoin and good at keeping you entertained and shows/explains his opinion of the market graphs which is very good.
  • Young And Investing – Laypersons opinion on the markets and crypto currencies, really love his down to earth honest clear speaking.

Websites for Learning more about Cryptocurrencies

  • - Useful website for learning about cryptos through guide and they also have a podcast.

Top YouTube Videos For Beginners

  • The Bitcoin Address - Andreas M Antonopoulos 'What Bitcoin Means For Unbanked Economies'
  • Blockchain vs BS - Thoughts on the Future of Money - In this talk Andreas outlines the necessary criteria that will help you distinguish blockchains from bullshit, and why the goal of developing this technology should not be "banking the unbanked" but rather de-banking all of us.

Crypto Currency Podcasts

  • NEO Cash Radio - Pretty good podcast show with some knowledgeable people speaking and talking about the crypto news.